Building Better
Culture Collaboration Workplaces

Providing pragmatic workplace relations and compliance solutions to clients in the energy, construction, infrastructure and health care sectors to solve difficult problems with dependable results.

Supporting your internal capacity to deliver principled risk management and compliance outcomes.



Broad expertise enables us to provide you with comprehensive resolutions to your workplace issues and effectively manage stakeholder expectations and relationships.



A deep understanding of the issues which affect workplaces, employers and employees and the legal frameworks which govern them gives us the objectivity required to get the response right the first time.



At the core of our approach is the view that the integrity of process and outcomes is critical to ensure that workplace risks are dependably resolved and managed.


Stability and support

Relationship management with ongoing specialised support provides stability of outcome and positive workforce engagement.

What we offer

With a focus on constructive solutions to workplace risks, our aim is to reduce the adversarial barrier that exists between employers, workers and their representatives to provide market leading enterprise risk management and contractual alignment.

Building Better Culture

Capacita is a workplace integrity advisory and consultancy firm that understands that employee engagement is key to developing functional and productive work teams.

Building Better Collaboration

We work with your in-house team to identify issues and implement solutions, maximising the value of your internal capacity.

Building Better Workplaces

Specialising in the identification, management and commercial alignment of workplace risks, Capacita is driven by the philosophy that prevention is better than cure.

Our Team

With decades of experience, our team has unparalleled access to specialists in all areas of workplace relations and compliance, including safety, industrial relations, employment law, training, and dispute resolution and mediation, to give you the confidence to comprehensively manage your workplace issues with your workers and their representatives.

The Capacita difference

“The modern workplace legal landscape is rapidly evolving. With years of fractured adversarial approaches to the management of workplace issues now behind us, Australian workplaces have an opportunity to capitalise on the common interests that employers and employees share in establishing open and harmonious workplace culture, and we aim to enable their capacity to do just that.”

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